A couple Dirtbags next to a Falcon Aluminum PopUpTent.
10ft. Aluminum Tent With Custom Printed Canopy

Falcon Pop Up Tent

About Us


Coach Ritz

After 30 years in the custom sign and graphics business, I felt it was time for a change. I always thought Sports would be a cool industry to work in, so that's the direction I took. I Started Pacific Coast Solutions, LLC in August 2019 with a certain focus, find ways to offer cool, quality products, at a fair and affordable price. I'm not talking gear or uniforms necessarily, but a variety of things I think fit the description. Up until now, it has been baseballs. A quality leather baseball, double cushioned cork, wool wound core, with raised seams. But what's cool about a blank baseball? The new brands, Falcon Baseballs and Falcon Sports. And the fact I can provide custom color Team/Club logos on these leather baseballs in bulk, and at a reasonable price. And finding a need for some quality sign & graphic related products, I am now offering 10ft. aluminum frame Tents with custom printed canopies. Stay tuned to see what coach Ritz comes up with next...


Giving Back

Having Been a baseball coach for 8 years now, I  have seen the valuable lessons youth sports can teach. I have also witnessed how the rising costs of participation in some sports can deny some kids and their families the opportunity. That's why Falcon Sports hopes to be able to help provide  opportunity through charitable programs and sponsorship. For the Love of the Game.

Our Partners

I really am a sensitive fellow...


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